How to Help Primary School Students Improve Their Writing

Kid writing

Helping young students learn how to write well is extremely important for their early academic growth. Writing also enables students to express themselves.

Writing skills are perhaps the most important academic skills during a student’s primary school years. Competent writing is a necessity in today’s world because it is the means by which people communicate in the workplace. Writing is an especially important skill during the school years because students must be able to take down effective notes to learn any new material. There are numerous ways to help young students improve their writing skills.

Read interesting material aloud. If you set an example by showing how enthusiastic you are about the written word, primary school students will be more likely to find writing a desirable activity. Read in a lively manner so that the students can feel the experience behind the words.

Give a journal to students. They can use their journal to store daily thoughts and reflections. A journal is a great way to promote writing every single day. Students enjoy writing about their own experiences because it is personally relevant to them.

Journals are a great freestyle platform where students will not worry so much about spelling grammar and proper sentence structure. You can promote proper use of the language by grading the journal, but this is not recommended because journals are highly personal. The purpose of a journal is to have a place where students can report their daily thoughts without judgment and to get them into a daily writing habit. There will be plenty of other written work for grading purposes.

Make flash cards to improve vocabulary. Put the spelling of the word on one side and the definition on the other. The student should practice these flashcards until he can give the correct response regardless of which side is shown to him.

Assign reading in a variety of topics. Every new topic will give the student new words to encounter and learn. One of the keys to good writing in the primary school years is just spending time with a variety of written works. Encourage students to read outside of the classroom to expose themselves to the vast world of books and ideas.

Delegate household tasks that involve writing. If there is an obvious purpose behind the writing, students will recognize the usefulness of the activity. You can have them write out a family grocery list, for instance, or write out a dinner menu. Writing should become a part of the student’s daily life.

Find pen pals for students. This will give them a writing task with a highly tangible result, that is, getting a letter back from a distant peer. Students can write about their lives or anything they are learning about in school. This is a great complementary task to writing a journal because it gives students the chance to communicate their thoughts to a peer and get feedback in the form of a written letter.