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How to Cite a Book in an Essay

How to Cite a Book in an Essay

In your essay, you should include the following information: the author’s last name, page numbers, and publisher. When using APA style, it is also important you can look here to cite the book’s subtitle. In addition to the author’s name, you should also include the book’s publisher, year, and page number. Those details should be included in your WORKS CITED list. When you’re finished, add punctuation to signify the end of the citation.

You should also know that some books are edited or contain essays by more than one author. Therefore, if your book includes more than one author, you Read Full Article should also include the name of the editor. The last name of the editor, the publisher, and the page range must be listed. You can also use the “p.” or “pp.” symbol. The page numbers in the works cited list should be single-spaced.

If your book is a collection of essays Check Out Your URL, you should include the chapter title. You should also indicate the author of the book. Most of the time, the book is written by the same person or a group of authors their website. Depending on your assignment, you may need to modify your citation a little. In this case, you should use a comma instead of a period after the title. In addition, DOIs should be used instead of URLs.

To cite a book, follow the MLA guidelines. For example, you should include the title of the work. Then, you should cite the author and page number. You should also cite the that site book’s page number. This is called a reference number. You should always note the publisher and publication date. In addition, you should list the editors of the book or anthology.

In the text, you should include the author’s last name and last initial. Then, you should include the name of the visit this web-site book’s publisher and editor. After the author, you should also include the title of the book. Moreover, you can use a free APA citation generator to create an accurate citation for a particular book. For APA style, you need to indicate the author’s last name, page number, and year of publication.

In APA style, you should use the first and last names of the authors. The first author’s name should be capitalized, followed by the second author’s. The last author Find Out More’s name should be preceded by a comma. If you have two authors, reverse their names. However, you should still mention the first and last author. For instance, if you wrote a paper about a movie, you should cite the film’s title.