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How to Cite a Play in an Essay

How to Cite a Play in an Essay

When quoting a play in an essay, you need to use proper citation style. This article will explain how to format Block important link quotes, Character names, Page numbers, and Exclamation points. Following these guidelines will help you make the most of your quotations. Also, remember that you do not have to quote a play in its entirety. Instead, you can just highlight a few key points from the play.

Block quotes

There are a few things to remember when using a play helpful hints in an essay. The first thing to remember is to use block quotes when quoting longer passages from a play. Block quotes are used for direct quotations longer than four lines of prose or three lines of poetry. Block quotes are also used when quoting dialogue between characters in a play. Using block quotes is an effective way to cite a play without getting too bogged down in the grammar of the text.

Character names

There are many reasons to use character names in a play. In addition to indicating the type of character, a name can also hint at the region and dialect of a particular character. Characters named Gargantua or Monstro, for example, are considered monsters. These names, however, can be cliches or stereotypical, and my company writers have to do battle with the reader’s expectations.

Page numbers

To cite a play in an essay, follow the proper format. First, cite the play’s full title in italics. Then, list the author, playwright, and scene of the play. You may also want to include the page number and act number. If the play was included in a volume of works, include the anthology’s name in italics after the title.

Exclamation points

The use of exclamation points can be an effective means to emphasize important ideas or scenes, especially in creative writing. Sometimes, they accompany interjections, but they are usually used to show strong emotion or surprise. Generally, students should use exclamation points sparingly in formal writing published here. However, if they must use exclamation points in creative writing, students should remember that they are not allowed to use too many of them. One author suggests using one for every 25,000 words.

Author’s name

When citing a play in an essay, it is important to include the playwright’s name, the full title, the scene, and click for more info any line and page numbers. Be sure to include the author’s last name, first name, and theater or production date if applicable. If the play is written in prose, you will need to include the playwright’s name in all capital letters.