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How to Cite a Song in an Essay

How to Cite a Song in an Essay

The first step in learning how to cite a song in an essay is determining the proper format for citing it. You can use APA, Chicago, or Harvard style. Be sure index to include the author’s name and style of quotation. Some people choose to omit quotation marks altogether. In such instances, quotation marks may not be necessary. However, if you don’t know how to format a song citation, you should consider using quotation marks in order to properly document the source.


Whether you’re writing about a song’s lyrics or a piece of music, citing the lyrics is essential for any scholarly article. When citing a song in an essay, you must give it proper citation in both APA and MLA format. For MLA, you must include the song’s artist and recording date. For Harvard, you should use the song’s name, title, and production date in the body of the essay. You may also use parenthetical in-text citations, which require the artist’s last name and first initial and an italicized version of the song’s title.


Using Chicago song quotes in an essay is a great way to support your argument with go to this website music lyrics. When using a song quote in your essay, make sure to include the title and any other contributors to the song. The song should also be relevant to the topic of discussion. You can include information about the song, including the song’s title, track number, album name, and publication information. The song must have a correct year of release and be italicized.


When citing a song, you have to use the correct name of the artist or the song holder Discover More. The wrong name can damage your credibility. Make sure you have the name of the artist or song holder in your reference list so you can credit them correctly. To do so, follow these tips. You should also include the title of the song. It should be in the form of an mp3 file, so your readers can easily locate it.

Omit quotation marks

Omitting quotation marks when quoting a song is not unusual in academic writing. Many authors have quoted lyrics from songs for ages. It can be an effective tool in an essay, especially if the writer has said something particularly eloquent or solid in their song. Fortunately, the fair use doctrine allows a limited amount of use of song lyrics, as long official site as the writer acknowledges the source of the lyrics in a works cited entry or in-text citation.

Formatting lyrics in italics

When you use a song in an essay, make sure you format the song’s title in italics. In addition to the song title, include the artist, producer, arranger, and release date. You can also capitalize the name of the album and any other credits. Remember to use commas to separate the different details. However, the exact format for this part of the essay depends on the visit homepage citation style you use.

Using sheet music as a source

Citing the original song in an essay requires proper citation. Cite the composer’s name in italics or not italics. Similarly, you should cite the song title in quotation marks, especially if it is an orchestral composition. Supplemental information can be useful if the song was composed before the sheet music was created or if it was heavily changed from the original version.