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How to Make a Claim in an Essay

How to Make a Claim in an Essay

When you learn how to make a claim in an essay you get an advanced degree of proof that you have written something important. Essays are one of the oldest forms of research and debate. A simple claim is just an assertion.

Claim. click to find out more The whole point of all essays is to attack an issue with strong arguments. Then, you start by investigating that topic and decide on a particular side to take. visit this web-site That s where claims begin. But not all claims are made equal.

The central claim. The central claim in an essay writing usually follows immediately after the main argument in the essay. this contact form It is usually what people read most closely. It states what you are arguing about, why it is that you think it is so, and how it can be proven. best site For example, if I am writing about the value of free market capitalism I will often make a central claim in my essay.

The counterclaim. This is often part of the central claim but usually is explained after the facts have been discussed. It is another way to answer or dispute the main claim. In this way the writer makes sure that all the claims being put forward have some sort of reasonable basis in fact. If they don’t, some good debaters will just say so and point out what the flaw is.

The argumentative thesis. see this page An argumentative thesis is one that begins with an opinion and is supported by some facts. Facts can be used to prove a claim. company website This type of thesis is almost always a part of an argumentative essay. The argumentative thesis statement will often also contain a conclusion which usually ties into the main thesis statement.

The strong claim. A strong claim is one that is backed up with facts and can be proven correct by any reasonable person looking at the matter. These types of essays cover topics like Intelligent Design, the Flat Earth Theory, the Moon Does Have Faraway origins, the Human Effect on Climate, or that Venus is Only One Planet. In all cases the strong claim needs to be stronger than the claims put forth in the other two categories because in order to make these other claims to be true the other two types of claims need to be completely false.

The moderate claim. Another part of the essay structure is the moderate claim. Recommended Reading This is often a part of an argumentative essay. In a thesis statement or an argumentative essay the moderate claim is often used as a part of a counter to the stronger claims being put forth. The moderate claim is usually something along the lines of, “there are several theories about the subject, but X really is the best theory.”

The weak claim. The weak claim in an essay is a portion of a larger claim. These claims often go hand in hand with the main argument or the evidence presented in support of the main argument for that essay topic.