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How to Make an Essay Longer Word Count

How to Make an Essay Longer Word Count

You may be wondering how to make an essay longer word count. The following are some tips you can try. Use descriptive writing, use transitional phrases, and check the supporting Our site evidence. The longer your essay is, the higher the grade you’re going to get. In addition, you can avoid using abbreviations and use more examples. You can also add citations to your sources. Following these suggestions will make your essay longer and more interesting to read.

Add transitional phrases

Using transitional words and phrases in your essay will increase its word count. These words and phrases link ideas and create dialogue between sentences. They will also help you make your essay longer and more clear. These words and phrases will also help you build Get More Info stronger arguments in your essay. Here are some examples of how you can use transitional words and phrases in your essay. You may have seen them in other academic papers and don’t even realize it!

Use descriptive writing

Descriptive writing is the most effective way to lengthen the word count of an essay. Instead of trying to include all the details, try providing just a few. Writers should describe an object by closing their eyes and picturing it. Using the five senses in descriptive writing helps check these guys out the reader to remember the objects and the setting of the essay. However, if the reader doesn’t have the ability to see and hear the objects, they may end up sounding like a Picasso painting.

Add relevant quotes

If you are short on words, adding relevant quotes to your essay can increase its length and word count. Use these quotations to demonstrate the point of view of others and provide evidence for your points. If your essay is not long enough, use transitional phrases to jump from one idea to the next. Transitional phrases help to structure your information and make it seem more cohesive. In addition, they also add authenticity to your writing.

Avoid abbreviations

Academic writing typically requires longer word counts, so abbreviations are a popular choice. While they save time and space, they can view publisher site also be problematic. In many cases, abbreviations can convey crucial meanings without being meaningful. To make an essay longer word count, you may wish to avoid using abbreviations altogether. However, there are certain cases in which it is necessary to use abbreviations.

Plan your essay properly

In academic essays, there is usually a word limit for the entire essay. As a result, writing within this limit is vital, as many institutions will penalise students for not writing enough words. Although there is some leeway for 2,000 words, it is often better to stick review to between 1,800 and two thousand words. Here are some tips to make your essay longer word count:

Use Google Scholar to get new ideas

There are many ways to get more information for your essay. The advanced search function in Google Scholar allows you to choose a phrase or keyword from a list of similar articles. In the results, you can filter results by author, publication date, and even subject. This feature can be especially useful if you are writing about a specific topic and want to limit your search to articles about that topic. The keyword or phrase will be listed at the beginning of the article, so you can easily find more information.