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How to Make an Essay Longer

How to Make an Essay Longer

How long does an essay really take? Many students find this question fascinating and bewildering. The short answer is, “about as long as you like.” But do not let that answer discourage you. The following article will assist you learn how to make an essay longer while still using its main elements to present your points effectively.

First, do plenty of research. The more you know about your topic, from the start, the easier it will be to compose (and indeed, write and compose) an engaging essay. However, this does not mean that my review here you need to wade through hours of research in order to lengthen your piece. In fact, the more research you do, the better you will be at developing ideas that can grow and blossom into paragraphs worthy of the length of your assignment.

Next, when you try reverse outlining, start with a written outline first. You can use a bulleted list to help guide your readers to the main points of your piece, but it is better to use descriptive writing first so that you do not burden yourself with long-winded explanations about each of your paragraphs. For example, when learning how to make an essay longer, I often visit the site recommend writing short forms (also known as mini-warnings) for each of my essay topics. These are three short forms that I use: a question; a challenge; and a recommendation. The question and challenge allow you to show your reader what your main point is in a nutshell, while the recommendation allows you to call attention to it again with a third or final sentence.

After you have completed your outline and your writing, it is time to move on to the second part: writing! There are countless places that provide essay templates online, but be careful where you choose to put them. Make sure the style and language that you choose is suitable to your style of writing (mine is too formal and technical for casual conversations). If you are not familiar with how to make an essay longer using quotations, then you should consider reading through several sources until you find essay templates that you enjoy writing.

When you decide on the format for your essay writing, then you are ready for the next step: expanding your vocabulary. To do this, I suggest reading through the same topic (in this case, “how to make browse around these guys an essay longer” and “writing”) several times, and memorizing the definitions and other important words. Once you have a list of the most common words that you This Site use in your essays, you can begin eliminating them from your essay by replacing them with synonyms. For example, instead of writing “a”, replace it with “the”, and before you know it, your essay will have much more variety and less need for the word “which”.

One last tip: avoid using fluff words in your essay. While they make your essay sound impressive to an academic audience, they will greatly decrease the word count of your paper. The best way to learn how to make an essay longer is to be aware of how many words you are choosing to include in each paragraph. As a general rule, you should try to eliminate one to two words in every paragraph; if you feel your word count is too low, then you can increase it by adding commas, semicolons or prepositions.

Once you have written your essay, you can increase its length by making it longer, which will require increasing your word count. If your goal is increasing your essay’s length, start by writing one longer essay, revise it, and then write another longer one. As long as you keep in mind how to make an essay longer and continue to edit your work, you will do well in your class.

The tips above will allow you to learn how to make an essay longer in a manageable amount of time. To summarize, avoid excessive wordiness, draft your essay after receiving feedback from a professor, and keep the length at least four pages click for more. When you apply these guidelines, you will be on your way to essay writing success!