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How to Start a Conclusion in an Essay

How to Start a Conclusion in an Essay

When you write a conclusion, it should summarize the arguments made in the body of your paper. Your goal is to remind your reader why they should care about the paper. In order to do this, review the topic sentences in the body paragraphs and expand on the main points. Be sure not to repeat the evidence in your conclusion. Instead, restate the arguments and provide evidence that support the thesis. Hopefully, you have found this article useful.

Transitional words

When writing an essay, you should use transitional words that help readers understand the flow of your work. These words are commonly used in the beginning and end of sentences, but they can lose their purpose if they are used incorrectly. While many people use that site “and” or “but” at the beginning of sentences, these words are considered too informal in academic writing. Instead, use More Bonuses “in brief,” “to make a long story short,” or “to put it simply” as a transition word.

The importance of transitional words in an essay can’t be understated. Transitional words tie together your information and maintain a logical flow. They also help your audience move from one idea to the next. They build a coherent relationship within your text. When used properly, transitional words are an essential part of writing a good essay. So, how do you use them to help you write an effective conclusion paragraph?

Conversational tone

If you’ve ever been discouraged from writing in a formal tone, don’t worry. This approach is perfectly acceptable for most types of written work. It’s easier to write in this tone if you follow a few simple tips. First of all, try reading your work out loud. Then, talk out problematic passages so that you can ensure that your audience gets the point. This approach is a great way to engage your readers and avoid being perceived as an amateur writer.

Another tip for writing in conversational tone is to make sure you’re writing in a visual manner. Research shows that short sentences are more impactful to mobile readers. On a mobile device, a five-sentence paragraph appears like a wall of text. By contrast, a short sentence is more likely to be remembered by a reader. This means that see if you’re writing in a conversational tone, your reader will be more engaged with the text.

Concrete details

A concrete detail is an obvious connection between a concept or idea and the reader’s experience of it. For example, a writer focusing on college education might describe the lectern used in the classroom as a tool for teaching. Such an example will give the reader a deeper understanding of the methods used in the classroom. For other writers, concrete details may also include the actual color of the uniforms and player positions.

While drafting a conclusion paragraph, make sure to include concrete details in the appropriate order. The best way to begin the paragraph see here is to cite an example from the literature or personal experience that demonstrates the point that you are making. In addition, you must also include a brief commentary that helps the reader’s thinking process. The last sentence of your paragraph should wrap up the whole paragraph by reinforcing your main points.


How to start a conclusion paragraph in an article about externalization? Many times, the conclusion paragraph is a rehash of the body paragraphs and covers the main points, but without presenting an opinion. In contrast, an editorializing conclusion presents the implications of the argument and may include a call-to-action. It may also attempt to connect with the reader by talking about his or her personal beliefs or feelings. Regardless of the purpose of the conclusion, the tone of the paper should be consistent with the rest of the essay.

The goal of the conclusion paragraph is to provide a sense of closure, and end on a hopeful note. It should follow the principle of specificity to generality: begin with the thesis statement, and end with the overall message of the essay. However, unlike the beginning, the conclusion paragraph’s order should be reversed. The check my site first part should be directed back to the thesis statement, and the second part should rephrase the thesis statement.