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How to Write a Why Duke Essay

How to Write a Why Duke Essay

When composing a why Duke essay, identifying core values and describing your human experience are two key areas to focus on. Similarly, students should describe their academic and professional have a peek at these guys interests and career goals. The stronger your “why this college?” essay, the more personal and unique it is going to be. Here are some helpful tips to write an engaging and well-written essay. Let’s begin. Continue reading for some examples. In addition, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Identify core values

When writing the Duke essay, identify the core values of your college experience. What shaped those experiences and why are they important to you? How can they shape your future at Duke? How did you become interested in Duke? What are your goals as a student? What are the key differences between your college experience and the Duke experience? Which of these aspects makes Duke so special? In this essay, you’ll explain why your life experience and goals align with those of the Duke community.

Describe your human experience

How can you explain your human experience in a Duke essay? Well, the human experience is vast, and there are advice so many different experiences to choose from. It can be as diverse as being a multi-linguist, middle-child, vegetarian, military brat, nerd, goth, or environmentalist. You can write about any of these experiences and more! Here are some tips for answering the Duke essay prompt:

Describe your academic and professional interests

When answering the question, “Describe your academic and professional interests,” be sure to consider the university’s academic and professional offerings. Students who love a school are more likely to take advantage of its resources and to contribute to its community once they graduate. To make your Duke essay stand out from the crowd, explore your interests and potential beyond the classroom and reach out to current students and alumni to get the inside scoop.

Describe your career goals

In this essay, you should share your interest in biomedical engineering, biomedical informatics, or other areas related to engineering. Instead of making a general statement Continue Reading, begin your response with an anecdote that shows you have a personal connection to Duke. Afterward, describe how Duke will help you achieve your goals, from becoming a researcher to becoming a social advocate. To add interest to your response, mention your involvement with Duke resources, such as the DUhatch or The Foundry, as well as the Bass Connections program.

Describe your extracurricular activities

When writing your “Describe your extracurricular activities for the Duke essay,” be sure to include specifics about what you do. Whether you have a passion for a particular sport or club, you should write about how you plan to pursue those interests at Duke. Describe your involvement in those activities, and be sure to highlight your professors, clubs, and extracurriculars. Include specific examples to show how you are unique and will fit in at Duke.

Describe your community involvement

Describe your community involvement at Duke. You’re probably familiar with Greek life, but what are see the benefits and downsides of joining a fraternity or sorority at Duke? Many students are surprised to find out that there are a variety of options, from athletics to arts to community service. Duke has a long history of community involvement, but many students get stuck on campus, where they spend all of their time. You’ll find many preppy and Californian-style students wearing shirts and flip-flops.

Describe your passion for a particular activity

In the “Describe your passion for a particular activity” section on your Duke essay, you’ll be asked to describe your enthusiasm for an activity you love. The subject is completely up to you, but many people write about their favorite sport or musical group. Describe the experience or interest that makes you want to join such an organization. If you’re an athlete, mention the achievements you’ve achieved in your sport.

Identify core values of Duke

Identify core values of Duke. Duke has long been committed to anti-racism, a long-term priority. This value is built into institutional strategy and culture. For example, the university’s Values in Action website contains a list my latest blog post of its values, as well as links to specific guiding documents. In addition, this website offers ways to confidentially report concerns or ask questions about Duke’s practices. Ultimately, these values drive the decisions made by Duke employees and students.