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How to Write a “Why Major” Essay

How to Write a “Why Major” Essay

A “Why Major” essay is a requirement for many colleges and universities. It helps students articulate their motivation for pursuing a certain course of study and leaves the reader with a sense of how go to my site they can contribute to the program. Whether you’re a future English major or an engineering aficionado, this essay can provide you with insight into the specifics of your chosen field. Ultimately, your essay should be tailored to your goals.


Anecdotes can be an effective tool for illustrating a point in an essay. These short stories can be humorous or insightful, and they can also be effective as a way to show your motivation to do well. Anecdotes can be useful in college essays, as they can show the reader that you are passionate about your work and are a person who will explanation put forth all the effort necessary to make it a success.


The reflective essay format requires the writer to write a short description, a deep analysis of the events that occurred, and a conclusion. It is important that the writer follow an outline when writing a reflective essay, as it risks failing to have overall unity and readability. Additionally, it will take more time to write. Here are some examples of essays that follow the format of a reflection essay. The first example follows a standard academic essay format, while the second example shows a more unique approach to the structure of a reflective essay.


Your UPenn application requires a well-crafted context. It must explain how your interests, personal experiences and academic qualifications relate to the topics you choose. It should also useful source state how these interests developed. For instance, a class assignment is likely to be read by your teacher or a large group of people. However, an editorial or product review written by a professional and unpaid journalist will have a different context. You should include these details in the body of your essay.

UC prompts

UC prompts for major essays require you to demonstrate your impact on school and community. While it’s tempting to stick to the prompt that you chose for the Common App, you can make your essay more personal and great post to read original by using a specific topic. Ideally, you should write about four or five topics that show different sides of you. For example, if you love sports and have spent countless hours training, writing about your season and connection to team is a good choice.

Purdue prompts

In your essay, you can highlight your interest in specific programs offered by Purdue and why these particular programs are important to you. While writing this essay, you should avoid generic praise and focus on what makes you unique. For example, the Purdue prompts for major essay ask you to list three things you like about Purdue. In your essay, you can highlight your interest in state-of-the-art kinesiology labs or your tight-knit group of friends.

Common App prompts

Many students consider the prompt about personal growth on the Common Application to be the easiest and most general of all the major essay prompts. It asks about an event in your life that pushed you to grow get redirected here and mature. If you have an event that helped you grow as a person, describe how that changed your understanding of yourself and other people. If you’ve had an experience that has changed the way you think, write about how that influenced your view of personal responsibility or your role in the community.