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How to Write an Argument Essay

How to Write an Argument Essay

If you are considering writing an argument essay, you may be wondering how to begin. Unlike other kinds of essays, argumentative essays are longer than other types. Unlike other types of essays, argumentative essays include proof and explanations, appeal to the emotions of the reader, and present a problem. Here are some tips great post to read for writing a powerful argument essay:

Argumentative essays are longer than other types of essays

Compared to other kinds of essays, argumentative essays are generally longer. In fact, this is because the purpose of an argumentative essay is to persuade the reader. In contrast, narrative essays tell a story and typically focus on a life-changing event. Argumentative essays differ in structure and length from narrative essays, as well as in language. Here’s an overview of the differences between the two types of essays.

They include evidence and explanations

Argument essays are written in such a way that the writer makes an argument and supports that position by including both explanations and evidence. They do not penalize the writer for their position; instead address, they evaluate the evidence and analysis that they have presented to support that opinion. Argumentative essays require considerable research to support the arguments they make. While some instructors require personal experiences to support their position, others prefer to use research and statistics from outside sources. For citations, choose APA, MLA, or Chicago/Turabian Style.

They appeal to the reader’s emotions

An argument essay appeals to the reader’s emotions. It tries to make the reader feel something about a topic, such as guilt or anger. But this technique can backfire if it makes the reader feel otherwise. An argument essay should appeal to the reader’s emotions rather than merely presenting facts. The reader must be convinced that the arguments presented in the essay are true and accurate. A strong hook is essential for persuasive writing. A well-crafted hook will pique the emotions of the reader explanation.

They present a problem

Problem-solution essays are special forms of argument essays. They analyze a subject and take a position on it, convincing the reader to support their viewpoint. They may acknowledge the reader’s objections and encourage action by arguing for the proposed solution to the problem. This essay format is especially effective when the author has here strong opinions about the subject. Listed below are the most common problem-solution essays. Read on to learn more.

They acknowledge the opposing viewpoint

Argumentative papers should acknowledge the opposing viewpoint. This can lend the paper legitimacy and help strengthen your case. Make sure you offer solid reasons to counter the opposing viewpoint. In most cases, you will find at least one valid counterargument in an argument essay. Here are some examples. The opposite view is a good idea to counter an opposing viewpoint:

They refute counterarguments

An effective way to refute an opponent’s counterargument is to put yourself in the reader’s shoes. The writer places Web Site the objection after his claim that all people should have the opportunity to redeem themselves. By doing this, the author ensures that he is demonstrating control of the argument and that the opponent is unintimidated. Some writers also recommend delivering two rebuttals for each counterargument. This way, he gains the upper hand in the argument. Usually, counterarguments are highlighted in salmon, while rebuttals are shaded in gray.