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How to Write an Interview Essay

How to Write an Interview Essay

There are some simple ways to write an interview essay and these include: using a narrative format, using powerful adjectives, organizing your thoughts in the right order, and citing a variety of sources. In addition, the following tips will help you write an essay that will win you points from the interviewer. These tips are sure to make your writing stand out from the rest. Follow them and you will be well on your way to writing an interview essay that will get the attention of the interviewer click to investigate!

Narrative format

When you write an interview essay, it is important to use a narrative format. In this style, you will tell the story of the interview from the point of view of the person you’re interviewing. The body of your essay should include the actual interview, while the conclusion will sum up your findings. You may use direct or indirect speech in your essay, citing the person’s words wherever possible. Moreover, the narrative format will allow you to devote each paragraph to one idea.

Powerful adjectives

An interview pop over to this site essay is a great place to use powerful adjectives to describe the interviewee. Such words can be a great way to describe the interviewee’s passion and interests. You can use these words to describe your interview subject’s qualities and strengths, as well as their character traits. Here are some ways to use powerful adjectives in your interview essay. To get started, create a list of possible adjectives.

Organizing your thoughts in the right order

The first step in writing an interview essay is to determine the format that will work best for the specific type of interview that you have conducted. There are three different types of interview essays. The first type is the narrative one, which allows you to use the exact words that the Get More Information interviewer used. The next type is the conversational one, which is less strict and allows you to address the audience in multiple ways. The third you can try this out type is the Q&A format, which is the most common in magazines and newspapers, and is best for single-interviewee interviews.

Using a variety of sources

Incorporate the data from the interview into your writing using all three incorporation strategies. You can paraphrase the key ideas, summarize them, or use a poignant quotation. In some cases, you can incorporate the interview data from the source itself. Either way, be sure to specify the sources so that your reader can find them. In this case, you’ll have to cite multiple sources in your interview essay.

Outlining your essay

Outlining your interview essay is a good way to get started. After all, brainstorming can help you come up with the best ideas. You may want to start with the most obvious topic first, such as the nature of the interview itself. You can then organize your questions according to their priority. Make sure you include an interesting question for your interviewee. This will encourage them to share click here to read more information with you. Avoid asking yes/no questions, because you cannot write an interesting paper based on yes/no answers.