Bonus Links and Stuff: 2 – Pancakes

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Here’s Lil B Making Pancakes

Misogynistic and insensitive posts are really en vogue this week

Georgia Tech Frat Email About ‘Luring Your Rapebait’ Condemned By Everyone

Austin bar makes domestic violence joke to sell beer

Kanye and Jimmy

What we consider the most important and powerful part of Kanye’s appearance on Kimmel.


We don’t know what to put up for this segment except this.

The End of Hip Hop: Cereal and Hot Pocket Commercials

The most egregious offenses to the world of hip hop from the advertising industry in recent memory. 1 | 2 | 3  | 4

Song of the Week

Lorde – “Team”

Nic Explains Sports! 

Pancake (American football)