Bonus Links and Stuff – Episode 4 – Boo-berry Muffins

“Don’t miss this shock-crammed punch-packed double thriller-chiller terror program!” Your experts in fear with sassy-ass haircuts talk about Halloween, KimYe’s Ye-engagement, racist parties, a young black kid gets arrested for being fly, and Condé Nast gets rid of its internship program. Nicole has picked the Song of the Week. Address all hate mail to her. Also, Nic Explains Sports IV: The Gathering.


Drake Hands

Texting Drake Lyrics to Exes


‘Anna Rexia’ costume is back!

KimYe’s Ye-engagement

Look at the pretty!

Australian Girl Throws Most Racist Party of the Week

That’s not blackface. This is blackface.

Condé Nast gets rid of internships

[sad trombone]

Nic Explains Sports IV: The Gathering!

Dropping a dime