Bonus Links and Stuff – Episode 5 – Pumpkin Bread

We’re here to help you through this Jonas Brothers breakup. This week, the power duo talk about notable Halloween costumes, R. Kelly gets impersonated or does he(?!), kid on Kimmel says kill everyone in China, the Cleveland Browns are bad at football and quotes too, and Texas politics.

Dago has picked the Song of the Week. Address all hate mail to him. Also, Nic Explains Sports V: The Dream Child.

Lots of Costumes happened, but Drake dressing as Kanye is one of our favorites

R. Kelly Mix Up at Show Becomes a Really Complicated Fiasco

Drip drip drip

Britney Christ Superstar

Christ musical to use Spear’s Music

Kid on Kimmel Says Kill Everyone in China

Push him back in!

The Cleveland Browns Suck at Football

and quotes

Texas Politics

The sweet, sweet irony


Nic Explains Sports! Sacrifice fly