Episode 9 – Leftovers

The first pod in the first year of our Lord Sharkeisha. Your favorite two-person gang discusses Thanksgiving, feedback, the Question of the Week, Black Friday shopping, GoldieBlocks taking preemptive action against the Beastie Boys, selfies, and Gap taking on hate in its own way. Dago Explains Fall Fashion.

Music used includes Amber London, Empire! Empire!, and Lady Gaga. Buy all their music wherever you can find it because it’s the right thing to do, or go see them on tour. Make our mommy take you.



Thanksgiving and Black Friday Shopping Low-lights

PIzza Hut fires and tries to rehire a guy after he refuses to open on Thanksgiving

Black Friday was pretty dangerous this year

We’ve even got a death and injury counter

GoldieBlocks v. Beastie Boys

This escalated quickly

Are selfies anti-feminist?

Or should we just chill the hell out?

School on the verge of getting kicked out for the natural look


Someone vandalizes a Gap ad with a good message

Gap responds and makes the message even more powerful

Song of the Week!

“Do What U Want” – Lady Gaga ft. Robert Sylvester “Songbird of a Generation” Kelly

Dago talked fashion this week and all he could think about was this song 


Dago’s favorite video from the week.