Episode 12 – Omelette

Surfboard, surfboard, surfboard, surfboard. We have a special guest this week, Matt! He’s a smooth brotha’ from the streets in town for the holidays. This week we talk about Affluenza, an interpreter that’s more than meets the eye, ya friend George Zimmerman is hurting people again this time through art, R. Kelly, and the weirdest Craigslist ad ever?

As always, Dago Mansplains, and we’ve got a Song of the Week!

Music used includes DMX, Destiny’s Child, and Beyoncé. Buy all their music wherever you can find it because it’s the right thing to do, or go see them on tour.


Song of the Week: Beyoncé “***Flawless”



Affluenza: A Boy & His Money

Nelson Mandela Memorial Interpreter is a lil loco.

George Zimmerman is selling some paintings.

R. Kelly the singer, the rapist.

Craigslist dude solicits for his own Pepper Potts.

Dago Mansplains: Holiday Party Trends and whatever the fuck a shootie/bootie is.