Episode 34 – Coffee Cake

Meow, kittens! This week we talk about Dago’s birthday and our joint party (420 blaze it), watching the Austin Aztex dominate the field and our hearts, our excitement for the World Cup, what’s streaming on Netflix this month, Orphan Black, Louie, Dem Thrones, 24, Catfish, and why Nicole hates Pharrell.

As always, there’s a Question of the Week, Song of the Week, and X versus Y. (Do you know who would win in a fight between Tony the Tiger and Chester the Cheetah? Listen to find out!)

Music used includes Weatherbox. Buy everything of theirs ever or go see them on tour.


bouncey castles are blowing away and hurting people

New to Netflix – OITNB, Harriet the Spy, Trailer Park Boys stuff

White guy changes name to Cesar Chavez and his party affiliation to run in Arizona congressional race

Why Nicole hates Pharell

Pharrell says he can’t be a feminist, defends Blurred Lines

Pharrell wears a headdress on cover of ELLE

Pharrell can’t sing, tricks others into thinking they can

Female-named hurricanes kill more people because people don’t respect them

A pair of twelve-year-olds make a sacrifice in the name of Slender Man

Couple ties 1 m/o baby to back of wedding dress, drags down the aisle

Responds hilariously

50 Cent responds to Aziz claiming he’s unfamiliar with grapefruit

Donald Sterling prays for forgiveness at all black church

Church billboard quotes Hitler on the importance of educating the youths