Episode 36 – Enroladinho

By the old gods and the new, we are so happy to be back at our dining room table recording for y’all. This week we talk about our trip to Fredericksburg, the World Cup, the United States Men’s National Team, #worldcastpodcup, Spain, Keaton Row, All Grrrls (Not grills) Summer Camp, TV (spoiler alert!), Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black, Louie, Catfish, Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, 24, a new dating app hoping to catch like Wyldfire, and new emojis on deck!

As always, there’s a Question of the Week, Song of the Week, and X versus Y. This week’s is WORLD CUP THEMED!

Music used includes Sia. Buy everything of hers ever or go see her on tour.


All-Grrrls Summer Camp

Keaton Row

Will new dating app Wyldfire spread like wildfire?

250 emojis on deck!

Things we didn’t talk about but wanted to

Terrio gets TV show

Woman kidnaps her kid to prevent her from being vaccinated/being taught black history.

The FBI has a Twitter slang handbook now

Pflugerville ticketing cool moves

Rick Perry says he’ll trust science on reparative therapy

VH1’s new I love the 2000s series. Is it too early?