Episode 41 – Beignets

WE LOVE ALL OF YOU! Fresh out the swagger wagon, the terrible twosome talk about Guardians of the Galaxy (NO SPOILERS), Sharknado 2, Fantasy Leagues, Nic’s guest spot on the film podcast Pod Bay Door, Arrested Development coming back, Beyonce and Nicki ruffling Lil Kim’s feathers, Kim K publishing a book of selfies, an app that will help you avoid “sketchy” parts of your neighborhood, and movie-themed perfumes.

As always, there’s a Question of the Week, Song of the Week, and Dago Chooses Who Will Win in a Fight.

Music used includes Joyce Manor. Buy everything of theirs ever or go see them on tour.

EPL Fantasy League; use the code 659593-164609 to join THUNDERDOME


Arrested Development might be coming back. Please pray to all the gods.

Who’s in the Illuminati?

Bey releases another midnight surprise

Katy Perry doesn’t understand appropriation

App that will guide you away from “sketchy” (read as minority) neighborhoods

Tara Reid introduces Shark perfume

Taylor Swift is an actual angel

Hotel fines guests $500 for negative reviews of hotel, and then they got destroyed on Yelp

Malia Obama goes to Lollapalooza

Mom disciplines daughter by selling off her Katy Perry tickets

Man buys every apple pie so that bratty child in line can have none

Juggalos still not a gang, but they will burn your arm off

Whole chicken on a bloody mary

Song of the Week