Episode 43 – Latte

Did a pod about a week ago (week ago). We have new equipment we are trying out. So bear with us as we experiment with improving our sound! Let us know what you think about it!

This week we talk about Nic’s trip to San Antonio, an HIV conference, the upcoming VMAs, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj’s new videos, soccer is byke, fantasy league woes, and Ferguson and all of the problems facing the brave people of that city.

As always, there’s a Question of the Week, Song of the Week, and Dago Chooses Who Will Win in a Fight.

Music used includes Action Bronson. Buy everything of his ever or go see him on tour.


Lyric video category Y/N?

Chicago Bar Bans EDM

Texas State Fair Fry-Off! Breakfast for Dinner is a finalist!

Perry indicted for abuse of power

Iggy tried to have a pop career once?

Dumbest Love Story?

Other food crimes

PSLs being released early this year bc Americans don’t value patience or fall

Michelle Obama has lost the youth of America

People just assume everyone is Uber

Facebook playing with the idea of a [SATIRE] button