Episode 47 – Challah Toast

L’shana tova, sheyna punims! As you dip your apples in honey for a sweet new year, we’ll tell you about a man who orgams 100 times a day, big news for True Detective season 2, Professor Kanye, cats going on walks with leggy blondes, a new social media network exclusively for the rich, and we tell tri-boob to chill.

As always, there’s a Question of the Week, Song of the Week, and new-game Guess Who!

Music used includes Kendrick Lamar. Buy everything of his ever or go see him on tour.


True Detective news

100 Orgasms a Day Keeps the Doctors Really Close

Professor Kanye

Taylor Swift takes Olivia Benson on all the walks

Also Kesha 

Social media network for the rich

Holy shit tri-boobs

This list would be fun to talk about: Worst Places to Bring Your Boyfriend Ranked

Ariana Grande hopes her fans die 

Man waits in line for iPhone to win back wife 

Clay Aiken is kinda a douche

Weekend Update change-up

Bey-bey number two on the way? 

Facebook threatening to shut down profiles of drag queens unless they use legal names

Nicki Minaj not allowed to speak at her alma mater

2015 Met Gala to be an Asian-themed shitshow