Episode 49 – Cinnamon Life

U GUESSED IT! WHOO! This episode we talk about Nic’s ACL adventure, #BasicBros, Chelsea, football, US Soccer, The Strain, Brooklyn 99, SNL, Twin Peaks coming back, the death of Saturday morning cartoons, how we’re not doing cats right, Amber Rose’s breakup playlist, Amanda Bynes’s engagement, and our Unchill Story of the Week.

As always, there’s a Question of the Week, Song of the Week, and new-game Guess Who!

Music used includes Childish Gambino. Buy everything of his ever or go see him on tour.


RIP Saturday Morning Cartoons

Apparently, we’re doing cats wrong

Amanda Bynes is engaged lol

Amber Rose coping with divorce by listening to Limp Bizkit

Aziz says he’s a feminist

Guy spends a year training for a triathalon, misses race because he overslept

Woman used potato as contraceptive, grows root in her vag

Man murders friend who poked his girlfriend on Facebook

Woman arrested for hiding drugs in her prosthetic butt

Drake has more Hot 100 singles than The Beatles

School uses clips from Pretty Woman to support dress code

Woman steals from cars of high school students in search for ISIS

Woman calls in bomb threat because husband can’t text like a proper human being

Member of Slipknot fired by singing telegram

Taylor Swift’s Cats are model now


Crossfit for Children

Shia Lebeouf cuts his face open for a role