Episode 50 – Pig in a Blanket

In the studio trynna pod for you, baby. This week, we talk about the BET Hip Hop Awards, USMNT, some more soccer stuff, Die Hard, a fun new project, Google Fiber, SNL, The League, Brooklyn 99, NPH taking over as host of the Oscars, karaoke, Erykah Badu busking for $3.60, a family selling their cat with a house, HBO starting a subscription service next year, the #trashbucketchallenge, a bird disappearing for years only to come back speaking fluent Spanish, and a nurse killing 38 people for being annoying.

As always, there’s a Question of the Week, Song of the Week, and new-game Guess Who!

Music used includes Sylvan Esso. Buy everything of hers ever or go see her on tour.


BK99 is adding Nick Cannon as a recurring guest

Oscars will be hosted by NPH

Is Sam Smith the worst person to karaoke with in the world?

24/7 Beyoncé Radio Station

Erykah Badu busks in Times Square and only makes $3.60

Family sells cat to person buying their house for an extra 140k

HBO going to a subscription service next year 

Run the Jewels will make a version of their new album exclusively made of cat noises

Clown Union angry at American Horror Story 

Ukrainian #trashbucketchallenge 

Man has had sex with over 700 cars

Overhyped beef time: Iffy Azalea and Snoop Dogg

Bird disappears for four years, returns speaking fluent Spanish 

Billy Eichner RIPPED OFF!

Man diagnosed with internet addiction disorder due to Google Glass

Texas College rejects African applicants because… EBOLA!!

Really insane story about a bachelorette party

Guy joins a marathon to not get caught with ecstasy, gets caught inevitably


Nurse kills 38 patients over course of years because they annoyed her