Episode 53 – Bear Claw

Nic and Dago talk about election results in Texas, soccer, the Houston Texans, celebrity Halloween costumes, SNL, Fun Fun Fun Fest preview, music festivals, a mom getting pissed about Kardashian clothes at Toys R Us, #AlexFromTarget, and a man robbing 4 Subways because his diet didn’t work.

As always, there’s a Question of the Week, Song of the Week, and new-game Guess Who!

Music used includes Big K.R.I.T. Buy everything of his ever or go see him on tour.


Mom says Kardashian clothing line for toddlers will lead to “sex tapers”


Woman running in NYC marathon takes selfies with cuties

Ariana Grande showered with gifts including a 42 pound pumpkin

No more Tay Tay on Spotify

Man discovers wife is pregnant after he uses her urine for a drug test

Dog snitches on owner for biscuit smdh

Guy in a Tigger outfit gets it in, slams door in granny’s face

Groom Walks Off After Bride Shows Up Looking Like a 70-Year-Old

Falcon’s player tries to buy weed on Instagram

Lame Ebolaween Party

Walmart sells racist costume

Woman spends all of her money on an Uber ride on Halloween, Crowdfunds the money back

Best worst lie ever

Eight year old comes how with a bag of meth from trick or treating


Man Robs 4 Subways Because Jared Diet Did Not Work