Fun Fun Fun Fest 9 Recap

It happened again! Everyone’s favorite punk, metal, indie, hip hop, EDM, extreme sport, comedy event, Fun Fun Fun Fest has come and gone. Despite the long lines on Saturday due to an unforeseen demand for will call pickup which made a lot of people miss sets from acts like Run the Jewels and Death From Above 1979, the fest was an overall success to me. I know Transmission will get that sorted out for next year, but they’re going to be hearing about it for a while. I was smart and picked up my wristband a day early on Thursday so I could make it to a Nites show on Thursday. Luckily, I was not caught in that line that stretched about a half mile. 


In the interest of your time and mine (this is the second time I’m writing this because tumblr is the worst!), I’ll be talking about the best, worst, and most interesting things from the festival according to me. I’ll also mention my favorite sets from the festival after all that. 


.@twiabp #ffffest

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The World Is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die

It was a fantastic set accompanied by a great energetic crowd played in a tent usually reserved for comedy acts. It was intimate and felt like a house show to me. TWIABP had a great song selection, and the spoken word poetry stuff went over better than I anticipated. I only say that because crowds can be fickle. I loved it. 

Honorable Mention: Sick of It All. They really delivered a fantastic show, and the folks at the festival really seemed to love it. They were funny and really kicked ass. 


Pissed Jeans

Their lead singer looks and acts like a McPoyle, and the band’s not good enough to keep me interested. 

Dishonorable Mention: Jello Biafra (Spoken Word). I don’t care what band you were in before. If your spoken word can be best represented by a picture of an old man shaking his fist at neighborhood children, you should stop. It’s not funny or interesting.


This guy in a blue sweater with Hate written all over it is my spirit animal. #ffffest

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One of my favorite things about music festivals is the opportunity to people watch and overhear really strange conversations. I’m a loser. I know. 

“Yeah, it was a really great show, but people were like almost too into it. The fans were really annoying.” -Random Concertgoer

El-P asked everyone in the crowd yell, “Suck my dick, Sun Kil Moon” while Sun Kil Moon performed about 200 yards away.

“Why do straight edge kids wear backpacks? Because they’re always getting stabbed in the back.” – Sick of It All

“This song is based on a true story. It’s called ‘Your Kid’s an Asshole.’ ” -Iron Reagan 


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Thursday night, I got to see three of my favorite bands ever perform at The Mohawk. Transmission arranged for Into It. Over It., The Jazz June, Knapsack, and Mineral to play a Nites show, which was free for anyone with a FFF Fest wristband. The night was easily one of my favorite concerts ever. Each band played flawlessly, and I just couldn’t believe my luck. I got to see Mineral and Knapsack on Friday afternoon at the fest, and they were great, but nothing will compare to the experience of seeing them at The Mohawk. 

Run the Jewels put on a fantastic show. Killer Mike had killer moves, and El-P was hilarious. The whole crowd was feeling them, and that made for a fantastic set. 

I listened to Nas while laying under a tree, staring at its branches. That was pretty fantastic. It was nice to relive all of those memories in my head from listening to Illmatic over and over in my car while cruising around Austin in college.

Iron Reagan was a destructive force. There were garbage cans being thrown around. Twinkies were flying everywhere, and the circle pit looked like hell on Earth. It was awesome. 

Deafheaven was incredible. I’m not a big fan of theirs just because I’m not very familiar with their stuff, but they have everything they need to be the biggest metal band in the world. Their sound is fantastic, and they have this charismatic rockstar aura about them. I was really impressed with them. 

The Blood Brothers were everything I hoped they would be. They played all of their bangers, and their energy was infectious.

Overall, I think this was another success for Fun Fun Fun Fest. Going forward, they’re definitely going to have to manage the growth and corporatization of the event. As a FORMER event planner, I understand the necessity for sponsors and whatnot. They were actually pretty great this year. There was always something to do or something to see. I’m already excited to see who they book for next year’s fest! 

Thanks for another fantastic fest, Transmission!