Episode 66 – Scrambled Eggs

On this episode of BFD, we discuss the Oscars, Patricia Arquette, Zendaya shutting down a hater, Graham Moore’s awesome speech, Common and John Legend, Lady Gaga, Sean Penn, nertz, Agent Carter, Empire, How to Get Away With Murder, Parks and Rec, arresting fictional characters, a clueless Idahoan lawmaker, racially diverse emojis, a guy self-sabotaging his interview, and Spring/Summer 2015 fashion trends.

As always, there’s a Song of the Week and Guess Who!

Music used includes George Ezra. Buy everything of his ever or go see him on tour.


Cops arrest Elsa, Punxatawaney Phil for cold weather

Idaho congressman thinks stomachs lead to vaginas so we should swallow cameras

Kanye making video game about Mom’s journey through heaven

Skin tone diverse emojis are coming! – rejected emojis

Woman uses the word jigaboo on telecast, doesn’t understand it’s hella racist 

Mars audition tape rejects

Man tries to pay for bar tab with a rock, creates incredible scene


Guy tells commuter to fuck off ends up being his interviewer