Episode 67 – Banana Nut Muffin

On this episode of bfdpod, we talk about #TheDress, binging House of Cards, mom news, Age of Ultron, SNL, The Following, Agents of SHIELD, How to Get Away with Murder, #besomebody getting roasted by a high school, Kid Rock’s Beyonce comments, and we make a haiku.

As always we have a Question of the Week and a Song of the Week.


Austin High definitely doesn’t understand passion and DOES NOT want to #besomebody

Michelle Rodriguez says minorities should stop stealing white people’s superheroes

And then clarifies…

Pimp my ride was fake – we all knew tho

Facebook introduces features to aid in suicide prevention

Tinder will be charging older people more

Kelly Osborne quits Fashion Police

Swedish police mistake birthday balloons for ISIS marker

SC college bans homosexuality

Public Art installation in NM scares local because it looks Muslim-y

New York man ticketed for using wooden man for HOV Lane

Sharknado 3 cast revealed!

Stoned Rabbits?


Kid Rock unimpressed with Beyoncé, Beyhive disagrees