Episode 73 – English Muffin

This week we talk about being trash at cards against humanity, improv at Coldtowne Theater, Hallettsville, Ariana Grande and Big Sean breaking up, The Matrix, The Lively Show, Orphan Black, Mad Men, Agents of SHIELD, Catfish, Louie, reality show musicals, The Kylie Jenner Challenge, and a brazen political statement in an obituary.

As always we have a Question of the Week and a Song of the Week by Speedy Ortiz.


Kanye deletes all mention of Tidal from his Twitter account

School blurs 8th grader’s FEMINIST tee, lies about it

New store 76<100 charges women 76% of full cost, men 100%

Woman discovers husband has another wife/family via Ice Bucket Challenge

Teens are wounding their lips to look like Kylie Jenner

Amazon testing goat services

Lindsay Lohan mixes up the words ‘beautiful’ and ‘donkey’ in Arabic on Insta

Texas Vet Fired After Posting About Cat She’d Allegedly Killed

Ariana Grande’s Dad pleads Big Sean not to give Ariana Grande the D

Almost an entire town in MO’s government resigns because black female mayor is elected 

Family asks people to not vote for Hillary Clinton in man’s obituary

Bigoted Pennsylvania Teens Organize Day of Flannel-Wearing, Gay-Bashing

Medium Sean and Ariana break up

Conservative lawyers say gay marriage will create 900k new abortions over the next 30 years