Episode 74 – Chocolate Croissant

This week we talk about top donut places, Bruce Jenner’s Interview, Amanda Berry, protests in Baltimore, the Correspondents Dinner, being excited about Avengers coming out, Instagram emojis, the Chinese government banning funeral strippers, Orphan Black, Louie, Mad Men, The Following, and banning media from kids.

As always we have a Question of the Week and a Song of the Week by Girlpool.


Blog claims Avengers are hella gay and anti god

Instagram allows emoji hastags! Instagram forbids eggplant emoji hashtags!

China would like for you to not have strippers at your funeral

Stephen Hawking’s advice to heartbroken girls re: Zayn Malik

fake bomb promposal

Square haircuts on doggies

Twerking Russians sent to jail

Texas man tries to cash $360bn check

Justin Bieber crashes a prom

Doritos Roulette

Girl admonished for showing her shoulders at school

Guy ejected from children’s concert for being xenophobic

Australian anchor’s foot meets mouth in racist remark