Episode 75 – Lost Bread

This week we talk about Nic’s podcast series on her blog, Avengers 2, criticism of Black Widow’s characterization, the Met Gala, The Craft, Cinco de Mayo, Mad Men, Orphan Black, Gotham, Louie, and summer movies.

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As always we have a Question of the Week and a Song of the Week by Braids.

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Jeremy Renner doesn’t know what an apology means

Esquire gets 9 year old to review Avengers, weird nerd has something to say about it

Red Carpet looks

Met Gala theme about Orientalism, not China

No Selfies at the Met Gala

A Field Guide to the Modern Day Fuccboi

Lame ass brands try it on Cinco de Mayo, also JEB BOOSH

What do you think about fast food places claiming they’re taking GMOs and other stuff out of their food?

Price is Right gives a woman in a wheelchair a treadmill as a prize

Texas GOP lawmaker: ‘What is going on in Baltimore’ is because of too many gay marriages

School serves 6-year old meat to students

H&M puts out shirt that misspells genius

New CBS show The Briefcase exploits poor families for TV’s sake

Beards aren’t full of poop bacteria after all!

Carly Fiorina forgot to buy her domain name before running for president

Satanists claim abortion wait period is against their faith

Gov. Abbott sends Texas Guard to spy on armed forces training sessions because of fears of martial law