Episode 80 – Apple Cinnamon Brioche

Your faves are back with a brand new invention. This week we TASTE TEST the new Starbucks Frappuccinos live on the air so you don’t have to, the FIFA Women’s World Cup, discuss Netflix’s HOT GIRLS WANTED, Ariana Grande, Orphan Black, summer treats, Miley Cyrus, and we play a new game called ONION OR NOT THE ONION.


Starbucks taste test
1. Caramel Cocoa Cluster
2. Red Velvet Cake
3. Cupcake
4. Lemon Bar
5. Cotton Candy
6. Cinnamon Roll

Ariana Grande Feminist BARS

Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson situation makes Nicole sad

Walmart will play less Celine Dion, employees give standing ovation

Therapy dog receives dress code violation for biker style

Aziz article on modern love

Jennifer Lopez in trouble in Morroco

South Austin and Bruce Jenner Ln.