Episode 84 – Hash Brown

USA! USA! USA! This week we talk Fourth of July, the #FIFAWWC finale, #BeyondtheLights, Donald Trump Watch, Ariana Grande licking donuts and hating America, OITNB and sexual assault in the media, True Detective Season 2 Episode 3, bad concerts, and Google searches and what they say about us.


Donald Trump calls Miss Universe a Hypocrite

Trump has undocumented people building his buildings 

Ariana’s donut apology

OITNB’s rape scene vs. GoT, etc. rape scene

Apparently men don’t take women srsly because they say “just”

Malia Obama interning for Lena Dunham

Heartfelt HONY post removed from Facebook, commented on by Hillary

Anti-Vaxxers are fucked

America Ferrera’s open letter to Donald

Finland concert refunds for bad concerts

Texas man killed by alligator in most ironic way

Ariana’s out here licking donuts.

OITNB understands rape, unlike GoT

As bootstraps as it gets in the rap game