Episode 85 – Dutch Baby

WE HAVE A GUEST! This week Katie McCauley (@katiemccauley) joined us to talk about her job, moving to Austin, making friends in your 20s, social media power rankings, life mascots, The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce, Donald Trump, True Detective, Minions, and Amazon Prime Day.


Donald Trump watch
Donald Trump says he’ll win Latino vote

Donald Trump calls FBI because of El Chapo threat

Trump campaign puts Nazis in graphic about America

Fashion trucks!

Homosexual acts now allowed at Baylor

Florida man arrested for playing Star Spangled Banner too loudly. Freedom weeps.

Serena Williams killing the damn game

Man starts petition to change name of Cracker Barrell

Instagram social justice darling Amandla Stenberg calls out Kylie for appropriation

Andy Cohen calls Amandla Stenberg a jackhole over beef with Kylie

J.Crew Mercantile to open in Dallas

Winners and losers of SDCC

Boy scouts may end their anti-gay discrimination practices

US Armed Forces may begin enlisting trans* folks

Rambo v. ISIS