Episode 87 – Flaxseed Waffles

We’re back from a week off! This week we talk our new website, Wet Hot American Summer, tour riders, Future, I Am Cait, Drake, Meek Mill, diss tracks, Premier League Fantasy, Kelly Osbourne putting her foot in her mouth, the GOP Presidential Debate, and True Detective.

We have a Song of the Week and do a Buzzfeed Quiz.



Premier League Season BYKE || Join the LEAGUE

Kelly Osbourne says let me stay in the country cause who’s gonna clean the toilets

American Idol contestant calls out shitty casting practices

Child obsessed with personal injury lawyer gets personal injury lawyer-themed birthday party

Anti-gun group wants to get rid of gun emoji

Armadillo gets shot but bullet ricochets off him and strikes hunter

Americans destroy hitchhiking robot which did fine in other countries

Amy Schumer target of open letter about gun violence, theater shooting, and why she should say something

Amy Schumer and her cousin speak out against gun violence

Panda faking pregnancy to receive better treatment

The argument for vocal fry

Allure stupidly defends its appropriative post about afros

Chris Christie wants you to know he has sex

BUZZFEED QUIZ THIS WEEK: Which Lotería Character Are You?

SONG OF THE WEEK: “Hotline Bling” by Drake



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