Episode 88 – Russian Pancakes

We’ve returned from another break! This week we talk Houston visit, mom updated, Fantastic Four, Premier League, #DeezNutz 2016, state emojis, an Alabama sorority’s whitewashed video, list of Most Hated Americans, our hate list, our love list, True Detective, and Pretty Little Liars,

We have a Song of the Week and This Week in Community Management.

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Intro this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkCWYyGphqM

2016 Presidential Race Coverage
#DeezNutz 2016

Most used emojis by state

‘Bama sorority is white and thin; does white, thin things

List of most hated people in America

Let’s analyze Hillary and Bill’s dance moves

Parody of Taylor Swift bringing out parade of women at shows is my favorite video of the week

Minion used for actual evil

Coolest high schooler in America takes senior pictures at Taco Bell

Man pretends to be Target Help Desk; trolls transphobes and generally uncool people

Guess Wu: Guess Who but with Wu-Tang members

Wendy Williams criticizes Ariana Grande for being small

Fresh Prince reboot is coming… 😦

Guy invites his taxi driver to theme park