Fun Fun Fun Fest X Preview: Skate and Ride

In a town with about 6,000,000 special events, it takes a lot to stand out. Fun Fun Fun Fest (FFF) makes sure there’s never a dull moment by booking some of the most innovative and cutting edge acts in music, comedy, and extreme sports. If you consider yourself a fan of comedy, music, extreme sports, professional wrestling, air sex, weddings officiated by hardcore legends, or just getting smashed and taking in the beautiful Austin skyline, FFF is for you.  

This month, we’ll be previewing Fun Fun Fun Fest 10  and discussing who we’re excited to see stage-by-stage. Hopefully, we’ll dissuade you from doing something lame like NOT GOING TO FFFX Nov. 6-8.

FFFX_Poster_Skate header

Being completely real, the extent of our skating knowledge is limited to Tony Hawk 3 and watching children fall at the House Park skate park. It doesn’t get any better for BMX. We barely even know how to ride bikes. However, as an experienced fester, I will admit that I have spent many hours over the past few years taking in the amazing feats the athletes FFF manages to lure in for Skate and Ride.

Check out this video with info on the new installation for this year’s fest and who’s going to be there.

Want to see all these great athletes and more? Get three-day, single-day passes for Fun Fun Fun Fest X at their site: Passes also get you access to FFF Nites events the week of the festival.

Let us know who you’re excited to see at this year’s Skate + Ride in the comments!


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