Episode 92 – Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

This week we talk UT Football, Lil B blessings, Jesus Camp, Tig Notaro, Fun Fun Fun Fest, In A World, West Elm, Houston Texans, Chelsea, Nic’s upcoming trip to Marfa, Megaphone ATX at The New Movement, #IStandWithAhmed, Snapchat, Facebook’s empathy button, Fear the Walking Dead, and Carly Jae Repsen.

We have a Song of the Week and BFQ on BFD.


Dislike button coming

7-11 and chill? 7-11 offering romance packages

70,000 NYC rape kits will finally be tested

If every state had an official word

Mom buys daughter $1000 worth of coke for her brrrr-thday

Whitney Houston’s hologram coming to a city near you

Alabama bans sagging pants and short shorts

Miss Tennessee tells everybody why Planned Parenthood is important

Matt Damon whitesplaining diversity to a POC is cringe-worthy

Demi Lovato gives the best explanation of her favorite dish

Dorky blues rock beef is dorky

Nickelblock app plays Nickelback if you look at pics of our ex

Lindsay Lohan posts batshit insane 9/11 instagram

Worst human beings on earth have 9/11-themed wedding

Terrence Howard is nuts

Toni Braxton’s memoir to be made into Lifetime movie called Unbreak My Heart




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