Fun Fun Fun Fest X Preview: Orange Stage

In a town with about 6,000,000 special events, it takes a lot to stand out. Fun Fun Fun Fest (FFF) makes sure there’s never a dull moment by booking some of the most innovative and cutting edge acts in music, comedy, and extreme sports. If you consider yourself a fan of comedy, music, extreme sports, professional wrestling, air sex, weddings officiated by hardcore legends, or just getting smashed and taking in the beautiful Austin skyline, FFF is for you.  

This month, we’ll be previewing Fun Fun Fun Fest 10  and discussing who we’re excited to see stage-by-stage. Hopefully, we’ll dissuade you from doing something lame like NOT GOING TO FFFX Nov. 6-8.


D’Angelo and the Vanguard even though Black Messiah came out late-2014, I consider it one of the best albums of 2015. An album that took several years to record and perfect, Black Messiah doesn’t seem to fall victim to the trappings of a project that’s been picked over into a bland piece of art. Black Messiah feels like a living piece of art, and D’Angelo and his band of musical savants are to be held responsible. However, D’Angelo’s career doesn’t start or end with Black Messiah. Anything he chooses to play at FFF from his catalogue spanning three albums and 20 years will be AMAZING. [FFO: Unrelenting musicianship, good hats] 

Did you know that the dudes from At the Drive In and The Mars Volta made a band that you might not find annoying if you found those bands were annoying? They’re called ANTEMASQUE, and I’m a big fan of their first album, the self-titled ANTEMASQUE. They manage to retain some of the energy of their old groups while keeping it fresh and unique from their contemporaries. Even though they’re older now, I’ll be surprised if these guys don’t deliver the ferocity and energy of their old bands’ live performances. [FFO: Tight pants, gyrating]

American Football is one of my favorite bands of all-time. Their first and only full-length album American Football is almost a sacred document for emo kids. Although the lyrical content was written by a young Mike Kinsella, the feelings and sentiments still resonate with me to this day. Be it nostalgia or some self-realization, American Football never stops being relevant. Bringing a rare act like American Football to Austin for FFF isn’t new territory. Every year, FFF arranges for some of the most important bands in the pop-punk/emo genre to play the fest, namely Braid, Knapsack, Dismemberment Plan, Promise Ring, and Mineral. I love them for that. [FFO: Getting in your feelings/staying in your fucking feelings]

I caught on to Speedy Ortiz rather late. I didn’t start listening until their 2013 release Major Arcana. It blew me away. I started digging through their back catalogue and was in love. Speedy Ortiz are one of my favorite bands at the moment. Their garage rock angst and proficiency at writing a catchy tune makes them a perfect festival band. I really think they’re going to pick up a lot of fans at FFFX. [FFO: Hating indoor soccer, badass chicks with guitars doing badass stuff.]

Want to see all these great comedians, performers, and more? Get three-day, single-day passes for Fun Fun Fun Fest X at their site: Passes also get you access to FFF Nites events the week of the festival.

Let us know who you’d love to see on the ORANGE STAGE if you got to go or are going to FFF in the comments. 


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