Episode 95 – Popover

This week we talk to Jen Schrauth (@jistofjen, yourstrulyjen.com) about blogging, grad school, post-grad life, audio journaling, Virginia, Justin Bieber’s new songs, dating in Austin, Halloween, the importance of friendship, and ad blocking.

We have a Song of the Week and BFQ on BFD.


Jeb Bush says “stuff happens” about UCC shooting

Not a Single HP Employee Reported Donating to Carly Fiorina’s Campaign

Meow the Jewels has a video!

China creates actual tiny pigs!

We’re all just out here trying to get super liked

Yelp for people? Worst idea possibly ever.

Westboro is protesting the National Weather Service because it predicts the weather

Textbook in Texas refers to slaves as workers. So, there’s that.

Nicole’s high school handed out survey re: guns, politics and people are PISD

New BK black burger makes yer poops green?

Rihanna praises Rachel Dolezal

12 year old boy suspended for staring at girl

Ben Carson wouldn’t meet with UCC victims, but maybe next time, y’all.

Marketing executive gets fired for saying racist shit about little boy

Suffragette premier interrupted by awesome protest






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