Episode 96 – Apple Streusel French Toast

This week we talk our guest appearance on Method to the Madness Pod (http://methodtothemadnesspodcast.wordpress.com), The Martian, shelving units, BET Hip Hop Awards, #DemDebate, Cocks Not Glocks, Unchill, #FearTWD, The Walking Dead, Scream Queens, Empire, #HTGAWM, and SNL.

We have a Song of the Week and BFQ on BFD.


Mom sues nephew for breaking her wrist with an over exuberant hug. Scumbag of the year.

Cocks Not Glocks in protest of stupid campus carry law

Ben Carson cannot stop talking about Hitler

Ben Carson offers others for death

Shia arrested for public drunkenness in Austin

Daniel Craig would rather die than do another Bond movie

The Martian accused of whitewashing

Exile Raven Symone

Amazon creates an Etsy competitor

Trashy costumes for Halloween!

Rita Ora wants to cover Lady Marmalade with some awful people




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