Episode 105 – Mini Quiche

This week we discuss being sick, Serial, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Wiz, Taylor Swift copyrighting, an inconvenient proposal in Houston, 50 worst things on the Internet, a story about shrimp, Agents of SHIELD, Scream Queens, and Supergirl.

We have a Song of the Week and BFQ on BFD.

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Serial back

Taylor Swift is trying to trademark some of her words

Guy shuts down Houston freeway to propose

50 Worst Things on the Internet in 2015

golden globe noms are out

grammy noms

The new Miley Cyrus video is very bad

Making a Murderer looks all the way lit

Woman claims farting in front of partner strengthened relationship

North West is a bad tweeter

Map shows what states googled more than anyone else

LA Times asks if Serena or a horse should be sportsperson of the year

LiLo apparently a fan of poetry

Pop Sugar says Kylie is a mix of all your fave Latinas




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