Episode 149 – Praline French Toast

This week we were joined by GFOP and Democratic staffer Irma Fernandez (@irmafernandez & @irmstuff) to discuss election results, how we got here, Nevada’s state races, politics going forward, and Arsenal FC. Nago discussed Adele in concert, Doctor Strange, Beyonce, Penguins, and American Football. There’s a special surprise this week in the feedback! Use #bfdpod…Read more Episode 149 – Praline French Toast


Episode 133 – Poached Egg

This week we talked about PokemonGo, Pokemon mishaps, Dallas, Black Lives Matter, Hillary and Bernie, political playlists, The Bachelorette, and PUP. Use #bfdpod when talking about the show on Twitter. You can find the show at @bfd_podcast and your hosts @tehdago and @nicolahearts on Twitter. For feedback, tweet at us, shoot us an email at…Read more Episode 133 – Poached Egg

Episode 125 – Home Fries

This week we talked about Dago’s ankle, Ali Wong, Room, The Bachelorette, Drake on SNL, Views, Taco Bell guy, Fall TV Schedule, CBS, FOX, NBC, Supergirl, Nancy Drew, Peggy Carter, Agents of SHIELD season finale, Orphan Black, Fear the Walking Dead, Texas politics, and Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book. We have a BFQ on BFD…Read more Episode 125 – Home Fries

Episode 108 – Cream Cheese Danish

This week we talked POWERBALL, Bachelorette Party, @statesmanshots guest spot, #TheGoldenGlobes, David Bowie, art and IRL, the Houston Texans, The Bachelor, the State of the Union, Dawson’s Creek, and ‘90s reboots. We have a Song of the Week and BFQ on BFD. Artwork provided by Sterling @TheWoundGod. Don’t forget to leave us a 5-star review.…Read more Episode 108 – Cream Cheese Danish

Episode 105 – Mini Quiche

This week we discuss being sick, Serial, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Wiz, Taylor Swift copyrighting, an inconvenient proposal in Houston, 50 worst things on the Internet, a story about shrimp, Agents of SHIELD, Scream Queens, and Supergirl. We have a Song of the Week and BFQ on BFD. Don’t forget to leave us…Read more Episode 105 – Mini Quiche

Episode 89 – Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit

This week we talk the shooting in Roanoke, cereal, One Direction’s hiatus, Drake and Serena Williams, Trump v. Jorge Ramos, office cheerleaders, a Handy Guide on Places NOT to break up, Lifetime’s Full House movie, and Fear the Walking Dead. We have a Song of the Week and BFQ on BFD. Don’t forget to leave…Read more Episode 89 – Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit

Episode 88 – Russian Pancakes

We’ve returned from another break! This week we talk Houston visit, mom updated, Fantastic Four, Premier League, #DeezNutz 2016, state emojis, an Alabama sorority’s whitewashed video, list of Most Hated Americans, our hate list, our love list, True Detective, and Pretty Little Liars, We have a Song of the Week and This Week in Community…Read more Episode 88 – Russian Pancakes